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On broward. On the site, you can run a records search by name, document type, sale amount, date recorded, parcel ID, and much more. Once you run your search and generate a list of results, you can click into any individual transaction to see a bit more detail, as well as an image of the actual deed itself.

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ACRIS is the commercial property information database for all of New York City, and is perhaps the most user-friendly of the public records examples mentioned. You can then select a borough or county and date range, and run your search. To understand the current value of a commercial property, you can take its most recent sale amount and compare that to other properties of similar characteristics that have been sold more recently. By looking at what similar properties in the same market have sold for more recently, you can better understand how a property has appreciated or depreciated over time.

With access to property sales records, investors and brokers can easily see if a property is likely to sell. Simply look at the most recent sale date. For service providers and other professionals looking to connect with new property owners, another great use of sales records is to see if a property has been recently sold.

By searching property sales records for recent sale dates, you can easily find brand new commercial property owners. Perhaps a sale amount of a property does not line up with its market value. Whatever the case, for those looking to purchase or provide mortgages and other services to properties, transaction red flags may deter you from ever pursuing them. Property sales records are also the basis of all real estate comps.

Because of the combined benefits above, plus how in-tune sales amounts are with local markets across the country, property sales records are the driving force behind building accurate real estate comps. Property sales records can help you understand much more than just a single property.

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They can help you learn about full markets, property owners, asset type trends, and much more related to commercial real estate. Reonomy is here to help.

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Solutions For Individuals Property intelligence empowering you to discover new opportunities, uncover insights and connect with owners. Modules Discover Identify new opportunities faster than ever before. Research Understand properties and markets in a single source. Note: The Assessor may request financial substantiation for the transaction once title has been reverted back to the original owner s. The substitution of a trustee of a trust or mortgage. Transfers that result in the creation of a joint tenancy in which the transferor remains as one of the joint tenants.

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Transfers of joint tenancy property to return the property to the person who created a joint tenancy i. How does a change in ownership affect property taxes? Once the county assessor has determined that a change in ownership has occurred, Proposition 13 requires the county assessor to reassess the property to its current fair market value as of the date ownership changed. A transfer can be a sale or purchase, but it also can be a gift or inheritance. What constitutes a change in ownership? If a transfer of real property results in the transfer of the present interest and beneficial use of the property, whether in whole or in part, then such transfer would constitute a change in ownership.

A deed of reconveyance is only to officially document the fact that you paid off your loan. This is not a transaction that would cause a change in ownership simply because there is no transfer of beneficial use. My brother and I together own two investment condominiums but we have now decided to hold title to each one separately.


If I transfer my 50 percent ownership interest to my brother on one of them and he transfers his 50 percent ownership interest on the other to me, will both properties be reassessed? The county assessor will be required to reassess 50 percent of each property to current market value.

This will result in 50 percent of each property maintaining its prior base year value and 50 percent of each property receiving a new base year value. The interests cannot be partitioned because the two condominiums are separate appraisal units.

Declaration of Domicile

I bought a house under a contract of sale but we did not have it recorded. Do I need to file any change of ownership form? My mom, sister, and I purchased a commercial property as joint tenants. If mom grants her interest to me and my sister, does this transfer constitute a change in ownership? You and your sister are the sole remaining joint tenants, thus a change in ownership has occurred as to one-third of the property since your mom transferred one-third of her interest to you and your sister.

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If I add a friend or sibling on as a joint tenant to my property, would this cause a reappraisal at today's market value? What if I add them as tenants-in-common? My brother and I purchased a house a number of years ago. We took title as joint tenants and have been living there ever since. If my brother dies, will his share be reassessed? You may qualify for the co-tenancy exclusion if you file an affidavit with the county assessor when your brother dies.

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  • Any unpaid balance due may then be subject to sale to a third party. If your unpaid taxes have been sold at an annual tax sale, scavenger sale or over the counter , the Clerk's office can provide you with an Estimate Cost of Redemption, detailing the amount necessary to redeem pay your taxes and remove the threat of losing your property. The Clerk's office also provides calculations of delinquent taxes owed from prior years when those taxes have not been sold and are either "open" pending action or review or "forfeited" previously offered for sale but not sold. In addition, the office provides proofs of payment, called Certificates of Payment or Certificates of Deposit for Redemption, which document the payment or deposit of redemption funds.

    Data provided reflects only delinquencies for general taxes billed under this property index number.