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Booker assumed office as Mayor of Newark on July 1, The proposed changes included increasing police forces, ending background checks for many city jobs to help former offenders find employment in the city, refurbishing police stations, improving city services, and expanding summer youth programs.

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One of Booker's first priorities was to reduce the city's crime rate. Booker is a member of the Mayors Against Illegal Guns Coalition , [43] a bipartisan group with a stated goal of "making the public safer by getting illegal guns off the streets". On her show, however, Winfrey told the audience that Zuckerberg and Booker had been in talks for months and had actually planned the announcement for the previous month, and that she and Booker had to force Zuckerberg to put his name to the donation, which he had wanted to make anonymously.

On October 10, , Booker established Let's Move! Booker gained national attention when, on December 28, , a constituent used Twitter to ask him to send someone to her father's house to shovel his driveway, because her elderly father was going to attempt to do it himself. Booker responded by tweeting, "I will do it myself; where does he live? In October , Booker expanded the Let's Move!

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Newark program to include Let's Move! Newark: Our Power, a four-month fitness challenge for Newark public school students run by public health advocate Jeff Halevy. On April 12, , Booker saved a woman from a house fire, suffering smoke inhalation and second-degree burns on his hands in the process. Representative Donald M. Booker's opponents on the council, including Ras Baraka , sought to appoint John Sharpe James, son of the former mayor, while Booker and his supporters favored Shanique Speight.

Booker attended the meeting to deal with the eventuality of the lack of a quorum or a tie vote, in which state law would allow him to cast a deciding vote. Booker cast the deciding vote for Speight. Supporters of James stormed the stage and were held back by riot police, who eventually used pepper spray on some members of the crowd. The Newark Watershed comprises 35, acres of pristine land and reservoirs that supply water to municipalities in northern New Jersey. Throughout Booker's mayoralty, Fairleigh Dickinson University 's public opinion poll PublicMind asked New Jersey residents statewide whether or not they had heard of Mayor Booker and whether they had a favorable or unfavorable opinion of him.

The results are as follows:. September [79]. April [80]. May [81]. May [82]. January [83]. March [84]. Booker's mayoralty and personal celebrity drew much media attention to Newark. While he enjoyed high ratings from city residents, his legacy has received mixed reviews. During his tenure, millions of dollars were invested in downtown development, but underemployment and high murder rates continue to characterize many of the city's neighborhoods.

While Mayor of Newark, Booker claimed in an interview that Newark's unemployment rate had fallen by two percentage points. On December 20, , Booker announced that he would explore running for the U. Senate seat that was then occupied by Frank Lautenberg in the election , ending speculation that he would challenge Governor Chris Christie in the gubernatorial election.

On June 3, Lautenberg died of viral pneumonia ; five days later, Booker announced his intention to run for Lautenberg's seat in a special election. Booker announced his candidacy at two events: one in Newark and the other in Willingboro. On October 16, , he defeated Republican Steve Lonegan in the general election, Schneerson , where he offered his prayers and lit a vigil candle in memory of his father.

Booker resigned as Mayor of Newark on October 30, [] and was sworn in on October 31, as the junior U. Senator from New Jersey. On January 9, , Brian D. Goldberg, a West Orange resident and New Jersey businessman, announced that he would seek the Republican nomination for U. Bell was the Republican Party nominee for U.

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Senate in On October 31, , Booker was sworn into the Senate. Leading up to the presidential election , Booker endorsed Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination. He was speculated as a potential vice presidential candidate during the primary and as the general election began, though Booker stated on June 16, , that he was not being vetted. Booker was supportive of fellow New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez while Menendez faced trial on federal corruption and bribery charges. During the trial, Booker was a character witness for Menendez, giving him effusive praise.

It didn't stick when the government tried to do it and it should not stick now. Cory Booker was named as part of the "Hell-No Caucus" by Politico in , along with Senators Kamala Harris , Kirsten Gillibrand , Elizabeth Warren , and Bernie Sanders , given he voted "overwhelmingly to thwart his [Trump's] nominees for administration jobs", such as with Rex Tillerson , Betsy De Vos , and Mike Pompeo ; all of the Senators were considered potential presidential contenders at this point in time.

Termed the Special Counsel Independence and Integrity Act , the legislation would allow any special counsel, in this case Mueller, to receive an "expedited judicial review" in the 10 days following being dismissed to determine if said dismissal was suitable.

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If negative, the special counsel would be reinstated. At the same time, according to The Hill , the bill would "codify regulations" that a special counsel could be fired by only a senior Justice Department official, while having to provide reasons in writing. On September 5, , during the Senate Judiciary Committee's confirmation hearings for Brett Kavanaugh , nominated by Trump to replace retiring Associate Justice Anthony Kennedy on the Supreme Court , Booker questioned Kavanaugh on a series of E-mails marked "committee confidential", dating back to Kavanaugh's time in the office of the White House Counsel during the presidency of George W.

Booker said that he was violating Senate rules in releasing the documents, with the penalty including possible expulsion from the Senate; he nonetheless defended his decision, referring to the process of producing documents for the hearing as a "sham" and challenging those who warned him about the consequences to "bring it on".

Booker played a leading role in the push to pass the First Step Act , a bipartisan criminal justice reform bill.

Booker announced his candidacy for the Democratic nomination for president in the election on February 1, On February 1, , Booker announced his campaign for the Democratic nomination for President of the United States in the presidential election , the start of Black History Month. Before his announcement, he was widely speculated to run for president but expressed uncertainty as to whether he would run.

Booker has been described as a liberal.

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He supports long-term deficit reduction efforts to ensure economic prosperity, cap and trade taxation to combat climate change , and increased funding for education. On foreign policy, Booker supports scaling down U. On Iran , Booker has stated the country poses a direct threat to American and Israeli security and feels all options should be on the table for dealing with the conflict. He turned the offer down, citing a commitment to Newark. Booker generated controversy on May 12, , when he appeared on Meet The Press as a surrogate for the reelection campaign of Barack Obama and made remarks that were critical of that campaign.

It's nauseating to the American public.

Enough is enough. Stop attacking private equity. Stop attacking Jeremiah Wright. Booker sits on the board of advisers of the political action committee Democrats for Education Reform. In , Booker received the U. Booker gave the commencement address at the University of Rhode Island in May ; he also received an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters degree. Louis and received an honorary doctorate of law.

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During the presidential election , when Clinton had an illness described as "pneumonia", Donna Brazile , the then DNC interim chair, considered that her ideal replacement ticket would consist of Joe Biden and Cory Booker. However, the possibility of a divisive reaction and the possibility of "allowing Trump to capture votes in confusion" caused her to "not entertain any more thoughts of replacing Hillary".

Booker's mayoral campaign, which he lost, was chronicled by filmmaker Marshall Curry in his documentary Street Fight. Since , Booker has starred in the documentary series Brick City.

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The series focuses on Booker and his efforts to improve Newark by reducing crime and bringing about economic renewal. Booker contributed to the documentary Miss Representation and commented on the representations of women in politics within mass media. Booker appeared in a scene in the Parks and Recreation episode "Ms. In , Booker and tech executives Sarah Ross and Nathan Richardson formed Waywire , a company focused on video sharing technology. In an article in HuffPost , Shmuly Yanklowitz said of the book:. If there is anything that Booker repeatedly returns to in United, it is that the myopia of contemporary politics leads citizens astray, and leaves them vulnerable to ignoring issues of tangible importance.