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They are located in West Virginia, and it is the same number for the entire U.

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If a representative answers the phone, they can tell you about your case immediately. If no one picks up the phone, you may leave a message giving your spelled-out name, contact phone number, and Alien Number. They are usually prompt in returning phone calls. Not affiliated with any government agency.

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Document English Translation. Duplicate Approval Notice. E-Verify Program. Immigrant Visa Medical Insurance. InfoPass Appointment. Marriage Certificate. Notarized Copy. The result has been a dramatic slowing of immigration from Mexico, as the pace of immigration from India, China and other nations has significantly ramped up. In , close to , new immigrants arrived from India and China , more than twice the number from ; while new immigrants from Mexico dropped by two-thirds.

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Visas for high-skilled labor play an important role in this shift. In , more than , annual H-1B visas for high-skilled workers were held by immigrants from India.


Chinese immigrants held 87 percent of about 8, EB-5 visas for investors who create jobs. And of the , L-1 visas for managers or skilled employees transferred by their employer from overseas to U. The U. But companies across the land recognize now more than ever the need to carefully screen new candidates from foreign shores, and are seeking background check processes that extend to Europe, Asia and beyond. For both U. The playing field is not level and there are numerous elements that should be considered. Beyond the obvious requirement to select a background check firm that has local reach in multiple countries; top-tier background check services may offer personnel who speak the local language.

A native speaker can quicken the process as well as help to avoid perilous miscommunications due to linguistic variations. Just as in the English language, there are nuances in most languages that may come to bear when conducting a background check. A native-speaker can distinguish between nuances and have make better sense of the vernacular, local idioms and figures of speech. One may also want to take into account that countries may have multiple languages and dialects spoken within their borders. India officially recognizes 23 different languages.

FBI, does not provide criminal history checks.

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The Australian government found a solution to how an English citizen applying for residency in Australia can meet the national criminal history background check. International courier is available for an additional 65 GBP. The applications can be processed with the following documents: 1. Completed application form; 2. Two proofs of current address dated within the last 6 months showing your name and address.

Copy of passport including photo and personal information pages; 4.

One colour passport photo; and 5. The criminal history report needs to be authenticated by Apostille or by any Panamanian Consulate in England. Fee: The application fee is 3. Payment of the fee can be made in Spain. The Ministry of Justice bank information and codes are provided on this website. Apostille is required by Panama immigration to authenticate documents issued by foreign government agencies. The Criminal Record Certificate can be Apostilled if requested when making the application.

Apostille is an internationally recognized government agency authentification of its issued documents by attaching certain seals to the document.