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If a person cannot abide by these conditions then the Judge will revoke the probation and send them to prison. Parole is when a person has been convicted of a crime and goes to prison TDCJ. A parole officer supervises offender and makes sure they abide by the rules the parole board has stipulated. If offender does not abide by the rules they can be sent back to prison. If the offender is under supervision their residence must be approved by the supervising officer.

If they are not under supervision there is no restrictions as to where they can live. If under probation supervision they will have child safety zones stating they cannot go within a certain distance of school grounds, parks or other places children gather. Offenders under parole will have some conditions on them. All conditions vary by each individual offender. Some offenders have to put signs on their homes if the Court has ordered them to do so. This condition of supervision is very limited. Most offenders do not have signs. Most offenders have to register once a year and this is around their birth date.

If an offender has two convictions of a violent offense they have to register every 90 days. It is a felony for an offender to be living someplace other than where they say they are living. You may get all public information on them. This is a picture, full name, age, gender, DOB , street address, city, state, zip code, victim sex and age, shoe size and supervision status. Also a brief description of the crime committed. If the victim of the offender was under 17 years of age then a notice is sent to schools in the area where offender lives. This number changes on a daily basis, however, Harris County does have the largest numbers of sex offenders in the State.

Each State is different but all 50 states have some type of sex offender registration law. View another good source to find out about other states. If a sex offender has a High-risk level the Department of Public Safety is to mail out postcards to the community he has moved to.

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Offenders convicted after September 1, are given a Static 99 test. This is a simple test about the offender's criminal history and refers to the crime committed. The offender will be given a high, moderate or low risk assignment.

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This level is used for public notification purposes only. A test cannot tell us for sure if a sex offender will offend again. It is known sex offenders do have a high recidivism rate. There is no real way to tell if an offender will offend again. Some offenders are not required to register by law because of when they committed their offense.

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Judges exempts some sex offenders from registration, however the law is very specific on whom a Judge can exempt from registration. There is no criminal law saying you cannot put out public information on sex offenders. However, the most striking difference is that female offenders are six times more likely than male offenders to have a co-offender.

Women may be involved by recruiting and coaxing the victims into dangerous situations and helping to provide a sense of safety for the victims. They may coerce or manipulate the victim, or perpetrate sexually abusive behaviors in front of, or at the same time as, the male abuser.

Accusers in the Epstein cases allege that his female co-offenders engaged in all of these forms of abuse.


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Women co-offend for many reasons. Some may abuse victims for reasons similar to male offenders — for example, to gain power, to retaliate against someone, or due to sexual deviance.

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  • However, many are coerced or forced by the male co-offender. Many are threatened or physically abused to force participation. Others participate in exchange for money or drugs. Women who co-offend are different from those who offend alone in many ways.

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    More have traumatic childhoods and strained relationships with parents due to parents being divorced, in prison or abusing drugs or alcohol. They are also more likely to be in a violent relationship with a husband or boyfriend, who is often the co-offender. Women who are coerced to participate in sexual abuse are also more likely than women who are not coerced to have experienced physical, emotional or sexual abuse in childhood, as well as adult relationships that involved intimidation, stalking or sexual abuse.

    In testimony and interviews, alleged victims of Epstein report that the presence of the women prior to and during the assaults made them feel that they were safe. They questioned their feelings that what was happening was actually rape or sexual assault. They report ignoring red flags because, if another woman was there who acted as if the situation was normal, they must be wrong in feeling violated.

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    We have a trip planned right now to Greece in August. This new law finally put us both over the edge. When we first found out about them sending notifications to other countries, we figured out a way around it.

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