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Outside of that, separate property is limited to assets acquired before the marriage, and assets acquired after a legal separation or divorce.

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Even then, separate property that becomes commingled with community property to the extent it becomes indistinguishable legally becomes community property e. He or she has the right to access confidential medical files, communicate with doctors, and make important healthcare decisions until the incapacitated individual regains their capacity. When a child is born to a married couple, paternity is automatically assumed for the married spouse. In certain divorce and legal separation cases, a spouse is entitled to ongoing financial support in the form of spousal maintenance.

Unfortunately, Arizona law does not automatically extend these rights to domestic partnerships in Arizona. The only way for same-sex couples to enjoy these rights is to get married.

Arizona Secretary of State

Unmarried individuals participating in a domestic partnership who meet the established criteria may apply to record their domestic partnership on the local registry. The criteria include:.

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  5. Note that there are no time requirements for the relationship or cohabitation like you may find in other states. Similarly, the domestic partnership status is not automatically conferred on a couple based on a period of cohabitation like in a common law marriage.

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    This is sometimes an option in other states, but not in Arizona. After completing the affidavit of domestic partnership and paying any applicable filing fees, the signees will receive signed copies of the affidavit of domestic partnership.

    This serves as the official documentation. Arizona does not issue domestic partnership certificates.

    An individual may take a standard deduction or itemize deductions. The standard deduction is indexed annually for inflation. For those individuals who sold their homes to relocate to Arizona, there is no specific treatment of gain from the sale of a personal residence in the Arizona statutes. Thus, if the gain is excluded from federal adjusted gross income, it will be excluded from Arizona gross income and not subject to Arizona income tax.

    However, gains included in federal adjusted gross income will be included in Arizona gross income and subject to Arizona tax. Arizona is also a community property state, and, according to Arizona Revised Statute click here , that includes all property acquired by either spouse during marriage. Under this ordinance there is no requirement for residency within the city limits of Tucson.


    Can anyone look up information, including address information, on who is registered as a civil union partner? City records are open for review. What sort of legal rights and responsibilities will a civil union partner get in relation to his or her partner? The termination statement requires the signature of only one of the civil union partners, but must still be notarized. Because Tucson's Civil Union Ordinance is a city law, it cannot address or create rights, privileges, or responsibilities that might be available to spouses or partners under state or federal law.

    Civil Union registration is voluntary. The City of Tucson cannot provide any legal advice concerning civil unions. Applicants may wish to consult with an attorney for such advice.