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Alabama Public Records

We respect your privacy. Part of being in compliance with state marriage laws include getting a license in order to make the marriage legal.

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Although this is required in all 50 states, the specifics vary regarding the prerequisites before the license is issued. Additionally, each state also has basic requirements regarding the minimum ages, consent, and capacity necessary to obtain a license for marriage.

Mobile County Probate Court

Below you will find state-by-state links to marriage license requirements and related information. There are many legal considerations that can arise when you decide to get married. Property, tax, and other rights can be impacted by your decision.

If you're concerned about how marriage may affect your rights, speaking with a qualified attorney can help identify potential issues before they impact your marriage. Get started today by finding a family law attorney in your state. If you've just set a date for your wedding, this can be an exciting time for the two of you!

Marriage Law

Don't let the marriage license laws of Alabama put a dent in your wedding plans. Here's what you need to know and what documents to bring with you before you apply for an Alabama marriage license.

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Try to get this legal aspect of your wedding out of the way about a month before your wedding date. You will need valid Driver's License or Birth Certificate if you are over All applicants must also provide a Social Security number. You do not have to be a resident of Alabama. However, some counties, like Mobile , may require nonresidents to wait three days before being able to have a wedding ceremony performed by a county marriage official.

If you were divorced within the last 6 months of your wedding date, you will need to show a copy of your Divorce Decree. According to Section of the Alabama Code, there is a sixty 60 -day restriction on getting married after a divorce. There is no waiting period in Alabama except after being divorced.

Marriage License Information by State

Then there is a day waiting period after your divorce is final. Nonresidents who want to be married by a county marriage official may have to wait three days. Contact the county offices to verify whether or not you will have a waiting period.

Cash or credit card requirement varies depending on County. Waller, So. See also, Hudson v. Hudson, So.

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