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Treasures of the Santa Catalina Mountains explores the legends and history of the mountains- from the Iron Door Mine, the lost mission, the lost city and the Tucson gold rush. Read sample chapters from Treasures of the Santa Catalina Mountains. More books by local Tucson authors. Print out copies, locate addresses, view the neighborhood. City of Tucson Transporation Center City maps and information on transportation, Sun Link Streetcar and trolley, bicycles, traffic, and other topics. Arizona Corporation Commission Search records of active, deactivated and revoked companies, current corporation commision records and annual reports.

Arizona State Legislature track pending legislation, plus locate and contact individual legislators, and stay up-to-date on current issues AZ. Search for a salesperson or broker to view license information, employment history and disciplinary actions. AZ Dept.

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Research, rulings and regulations. Get refund information, search unclaimed property. News and event listings. Other functions that are carried out by the clerk's office such as passport applications, power of attorney and process servers are also not reflected here. Data updated frequently and can be provided via electronic media for an annual subscription fee.

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Arizona Unclaimed Property Search from property or money held by the state. Searches are free of charge. Data is refreshed monthly. Assessor Home. Parcel Search. Appeal Your Valuation. Quick Launch Assessor Parcel Viewer.

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    Property Identification. Data Sources. Data Collection. A preliminary agreement, secured by the payment of an earnest money deposit, under which a buyer offers to purchase real estate. Your lender will probably tell you that a biweekly mortgage is structured just like a traditional fixed-rate, level-payment, fully amortizing mortgage. However, you make your payments every 14 days instead of once a month. The monthly payment is split in half, resulting in the same total monthly mortgage, but the resulting 26 and sometimes 27 biweekly payments a year translate into 13 monthly payments, or one extra monthly payment per year.

    Borrowers can qualify for a year monthly payment amount, but get a loan that pays off in approximately 22 years at current interest rates. At higher rates, the actual term declines. If you are looking to build up equity in your home faster without the higher mortgage payments that come with a shorter-term mortgage, you may want to consider the biweekly mortgage.

    Payments can be deducted from your bank account and scheduled to coincide with your payroll deposits to simplify budgeting. Lenders may charge an initial set-up fee to automatically debit your checking account. A single policy that covers more than one piece of property or more than one person. The mortgage that is secured by a cooperative project, as opposed to the share loans on individual units within the project. An interest-bearing certificate of debt with a maturity date.

    An obligation of a government or business corporation. A real estate bond is a written obligation usually secured by a mortgage or a deed of trust. A person who, for a commission or a fee, brings parties together and assists in negotiating contracts between them. A detailed plan of income and expenses expected over a certain period of time. A budget can provide guidelines for managing future investments and expenses.

    A category of income or expense data that you can use in a budget. You can also define your own budget categories and add them to some or all of the budgets you create. Local regulations that control design, construction, and materials used in construction. Building codes are based on safety and health standards. An account in which funds are held so that they can be applied as part of the monthly mortgage payment as each payment comes due during the period that an interest rate buydown plan is in effect.

    A permanent buydown reduces the interest rate over the entire life of a mortgage. A provision in the mortgage that gives the mortgagee the right to call the mortgage due and payable at the end of a specified period for whatever reason. A provision of an adjustable-rate mortgage ARM that limits how much the interest rate or mortgage payments may increase or decrease. Lenders will want to know if you can repay the mortgage debt you incur -- this is known as your capacity.

    Lenders will also review your expenses and any other debt obligations you have. The cost of an improvement made to extend the useful life of a property or to add to its value. Any structure or component erected as a permanent improvement to real property that adds to its value and useful life.

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    A refinance transaction in which the amount of money received from the new loan exceeds the total of the money needed to repay the existing first mortgage, closing costs, points, and the amount required to satisfy any outstanding subordinate mortgage liens. In other words, a refinance transaction in which the borrower receives additional cash that can be used for any purpose.

    The Certificate of Deposit index represents the weekly average of secondary market interest rates on six-month negotiable CDs. The initial interest rate and payments adjust every six months after an initial six-month period.

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    ARMs with this index typically come with a per-adjustment cap of 1 percent and a lifetime rate cap of 6 percent. An index that is used to determine interest rate changes for certain ARM plans. It represents the weekly average of secondary market interest rates on six-month negotiable certificates of deposit.